Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow in East Tennessee...Yeah!!

It looks like we got 2-4 inches....sort of  hard to tell...It's a dry snow and blowing around in some places it's almost 5-6 inches and you can see the grass in others.  Brett and Gracie were up early and just prancing in the snow.  Ready to have their water unfrozen and breakfast.  They have now gone back into the pen into their enclosed room. 

Well if you have snow where you are, stay warm and be safe!


Starla said...

I think it is suppose to hit 80 here today!! hehe. You can keep your snow! I lived with snow for the first half of my life and have to say I don't miss it one bit!!

DottyA Cards & Things said...

WOW!! It looks like the pup is having a ball!! Here in Fl it's cold and very windy...but no snow, just feels like it.. This is bad enough for me!

knitwit said...

Fantastic--I hope it stays so you have a white Christmas down there! And I'm glad the dogs got to enjoy it too!

Sylvia said...

The snow looks wonderful and peaceful! Stay warm!

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