Monday, December 20, 2010

It's Quiet Here.....

I know I have been quiet for awhile now.  Just coasting, waiting on Christmas.  I did make an attempt to clean my craft space, but I still can't let anyone in for fear we would never see them again!  I do have everything ready for the big day....just a little bit of baking left to do and some prep work for the meals.  Nothing major there, however, I have a lot of cleaning on the agenda for this week.  Somehow these two people can make a monster mess these days!  And since I don't work outside the home anymore....guess who gets the grunge details.

I have been making some flowers for a dear friend who lives in Idaho, "big wave"  How you doing girl?  Hope you made it to son's house for the Holidays!  But that is all I have been doing.  I seem to spend too much time on each one, making them twist and fold....trying to make them look as real as I this keeps these old hands busy for a good long while.  I love making the time just slips away.  I haven't made a card in over a week and I have to admit that I am going into DT's .  I plan to get started again right after Christmas. 

I just wanted to pop in and let you know that I have not succumbed and I will be back with pictures of the flowers I'm making!   Soon....I promise!  Now I'm off for more coffee and to get started on the day!
Have a wonderful week and remember to spend a little time just for you!


Olga said...

Have missed ya, but I haven't been here much either, Holidays keeping us busy. Now they are saying we may get snow Friday, NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!Wait til Sunday LOL

Starla said...

Well, my list is getting a teeny, tiny bit smaller. But my attitude of "OH WELL. It is what is is" is getting larger. Which is a good thing.
I cannot wait for the new year and the TIME to just create. (That is what I asked of Santa this year!!)

Can't wait to see all your gorgeous flowers!

Patty said...

Grandbabies are sleeping, so I am doing a little blog hopping on the laptop. Hope all is well, we are having a ball but it is sooooo cold here...I am a sissy! Merry Christmas...hugs

Sylvia said...

Glad you are doing well, Glenda! I am quietly going about finishing what I need to finish and having a great time not rushing! fortunately for me, I can this year as the holidays will be quiet! Quiet can be good! Merry Christmas, may it be magical for you!

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