About Me

My journey has been a long one.  I started crafting as a child and followed all the "In" crafts through the years.  I love to crochet and started to scrapbook when my grandson came along.  I am not a very good scrapbooker.    Then I stumbled onto a cardmaking blog one morning before work and I've been doing that ever since!  I love working with paper and color and making something to give.  My passion is making flowers!  When my MoJo leaves, I make flowers!  There is just something about this art that soothes my soul!  Most of my cards are sent to nursing home patients who might need a card to give to someone who has shown them a kindness.  It pleases me to think I give them a little joy. 

Several years ago I lost my job to down-sizing and have now reached retirement age.  I'm now officially retired and after working all those years, find I am quite content to be at home.  I have my craft to keep my hands and mind busy.  Currently, I'm on the alumni design team for Heartfelt Creations after being on their design team for about two years.  I love working with their product!  Their company has  been a perfect fit for me and I continue to use their stamps and dies.

Years ago a dear friend of mine was trying to work and deal with husband, son and aging parents and she was talking so fast and was just in a panic about something and I said to her.  Ok.....Breathe.  Now when I say that on my blog, I mean to take a moment, step back from your lives and problems and ground yourself.  Do something that makes you happy!

So come follow me as my Journey continues.  Each day I try and find joy in whatever I am doing and try and share that joy with you. 

My Email:  brooksglenda9@gmail.com