Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Year's Resolution....

A few years back I decided to stop making New Year's Resolutions...they were always things like, quit smoking, lose weight, exercise daily.  Well I still smoke (sadly), I'm still FAT and I use the treadmill to hang clothes on....really!  I decided resolutions were not for me.  Well this year I'm willing to make only one New Year's Resolution...To Sleep All Night!  Since I have been awake since 2 AM I figure this is a good one!  You can't tell me God doesn't have a sense of humor....(you need less sleep, but you are too tired to do anything with those extra hours!)  Crafting has become my way of being productive during those wee hours of the morning.  Here is what I have been doing since 2 AM!

Since I never keep resolutions, and my age dictates that I only sleep a couple of hours per night.....I think my crafting addiction is safe! 

As I sit here visiting with you, I am on my 4th. cup of coffee and beginning to feel like I could thread a sewing machine while it is running.  I think I need to slow down on the caffeine!  This is going to be a long, long, long, long day! 

Supply List:
Gina K Design Card Stock
Watercolor Paper
Ranger Distress Inks
Spellbinders Dies
Magnolia Stamp
Marianne Creatables #LR0133
Cuttlebug Vintage Corners


Olga said...

girl you got me laughing, I never make promises I can[t keep either, I did stop smoking, but still fat, although I'm doing WW again, don't sleep much either, oh well, have a good one, I'm on my 2nd pot of coffee LOL, I love your card!!!

Sherry Cheever said...

Damn I lost my comment

They 1000 Mgs of Tylenol or motrin before you go to bed. I've been using it all month and I'm sleeping all night now.

Linda W. said...

I do a small Benadryl capsule (generic kind tho) and one Tylenol (regular) and sleep like a babe for 7 hr. solid! My nurse daughter tells me it's the same as a Tylenol PM but cheaper.

But you're cracking me up for sure girl!

Patti said...

Don't you know Glenda the 2 main essentials in life are crafting and caffeine? LOL! Your card is adorable!

Leslie Miller said...

Oh, Glenda... Most nights I only sleep about 2 hrs at a time, but I get up briefly and then go back to bed and restart the cycle. I could never be this creative in the middle of the night! It's the time of life, and thank goodness it's a little better than it was at first. It's a real bear when you have to get up at 6 a.m. to get ready for work. Nothing like adding that stress factor into the works! A couple of nights recently I slept 5 hrs straight. I felt like celebrating! I know it helps if I don't eat snacks after dinner. Yeah, right... try that... now you know why I can't sleep most nights. Now I take Melatonin on work nights and it really helps. Anyway, please don't try threading that needle with the machine running, tee hee! Gorgeous, gorgeous card! Love those leaves and your awesome coloring! ps: You'd think I'd drank two pots of coffee considering the length of this comment...

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