Friday, August 31, 2012

Halloween Card for Joan's Gardens Challenge...

Good morning everyone.  I'm here today to share with you a card I made for the Challenge over at Joan's Gardens.  Every week Joan hosts a challenge and I love to play along with these as they keep me on my toes.  Joan has a web shop and has lots of wonderful items and when you order everything arrives in pristine condition.  She is a class act!  So why don't you go over and have a look around and maybe you will decide you want to enter her challenge.  This week's guidelines for the challenge are:

  • Fall card (possibly with a pumpkin)
  • Tree
  • Polka Dot back Ground
  • Grass

  • And here is my card:

    I think I covered all the bases on this one.  It will make a cute card for one of my grandsons.  I'm always needing just one more Halloween card when it comes time to mail them out. 

    The weekend is upon us and it's a holiday weekend to boot!  Have a wonderful holiday and be safe whatever you are doing. 

    Wednesday, August 29, 2012

    WOYWW 169

    Good morning everyone.  It's time once again to show you my messy desk.  I'm afraid I'm a closet messy person and I'm just too ashamed to show you the real me.  In all honesty, I do try to keep my space clean because I find if there is too much clutter I lose everything I need.  I do have some stuff piled up on a desk beside me that really needs to be put away, but I'm not going to show that little project.  So if you would like to participate in my addiction just head on over to Julia's blog and have a look around, you can visit every one's desk from there and see what we all have going on.  You can also link your own desk there and become one of us.  So join us if you dare!

    You can see the latest image I've been working on with my distress inks; also a brand new jar of Gesso and some charms that I plan to make moulds with.  Then I can have my own charms whenever I want.  and of course, my new best I phone. Lying behind my phone is the case for my inks and of course just some clutter and "stuff" that is usually present at all times. 
    So that's it for me this I'm going over to Julia's and have a look around and see what all the rest of you are doing.  First things first...I need more coffee!  Have a great day and I hope you have some time to be creative.

    Monday, August 27, 2012

    Life Involves Passions.....

    Good morning bloggers!  I'm here this morning to share a card I made using a sentiment that I love.
    It is another of my old stamps that was just sitting waiting for me to use it and I decided today was the day.  If I remember correctly, this is from Cornish Heritage Farms and they are no longer in business but I love this sentiment and decided to use it anyway.  Of course I used Spellbinders dies, Ranger Distress Inks, some Prima paper and some purchased floral pieces.  I don't know if the pink in the paper shows up well or not, but the flower actually matches the paper. 

    Well that is it for me this morning.  Life is happening all around me this morning and thank goodness I don't have a job that I have to go to!  I hope your day is a good one and that you have a little time to be creative!

    Friday, August 24, 2012


    The days are, little by little, getting shorter, the temps are starting to cool and there is a hint of fall in the hour.  So in honor of all this I've been working on these little pumpkins.  The stamp is an oldie from Just Rite Stampers and I colored it with my distress inks.   I used Spellbinders dies to make the frame and the orange decorative square.  Then a little white ribbon and it is all ready to go.  I also stamped some swirls on the orange square just to fill in space.

    Pretty soon there will be frost on the pumpkins and I will be all ready with my little card. 

    I also wanted to share a picture I took through my craft room window.  I have been waiting for several years for the squirrels to come to my yard and this is the thanks I get!   The little rascal spilled several seeds before he realized  he was just too big to fit the feeder.  I suppose now I will need to buy him some peanuts!   
    Have a wonderful day and I hope you find a little time to be creative!

    Wednesday, August 22, 2012

    WOYWW 168

    Happy WOYWW and welcome!  Wednesday brings us all out of the woodwork and into the lime light.  Suddenly you don't see the gorgeous creations, instead you see our little mess it takes to bring about the other.  Mine isn't too bad this morning, as  I am in the process of doing a general clean up.  Just some leftover stuff from my last project that  need to find their way back to their home.  And of course my ever present cup of coffee.  Some ink, some glue, some scissors, some Pop Dots and a little paint here and there.  Not really messy but things I need to put away before I begin again. 

    So if you are wondering why I should show you my little mess; just head over to Julia's blog and she will tell you all about it.  You might even decide you want to become one of us.  I have become addicted and don't know how on earth I would pass my Wednesdays any other way!  So now I'm off to visit everyone else.  I've shown you mine, now show me yours!

    Tuesday, August 21, 2012

    White on White

    Good morning everyone!  Now don't faint because I'm posting on a Tuesday, but I just had to share this Christmas Card I have made for the challenge over at Joan's Gardens.  Each week Joan issues a challenge and you can win a nifty prize if you play along.  Joan always makes me think outside the box.  The instructions for this weeks challenge were to:

    Make a Christmas Card
    Use All White
    Use something from Nature
    Use glitter or stickles

    I just had to add a little red to that bird.  Hope this doesn't disqualify me!  Have a great day and try to find a little time to be creative.

    Monday, August 20, 2012

    A Rose is Good .....

    I'm here this morning to share another card I have made coloring the image with my Ranger Distress Inks Re-Inkers.  I have had this image for several years and was going through some drawers feverishly looking for another stamp and saw this.  Oh, I must ink up this baby and so I did.  I love the way this turned out.  I stamped the image onto Canson Watercolor Paper and cut out using the Spellbinders Romantic Rectangles and then matted it onto the blue.  The little sentiment is from Heartfelt Creations.  I inked only one word on a larger sentiment and cut out with Spellbinders Fluer De Lis Squares.  My ribbon is seam binding colored with the Distress Inks so it would match. 

    For years, when I was working, I purchased crafting supplies by the arm load.  Brought them home and stored them away.  I used to laugh that I liked crafting, but I was really all about the buying.  Well when the job was gone and along with it the money, I vowed to use what I have first.  Of course I'm like the rest of you...I have my little addictions that I can't do without but let's face it, if I don't use what I have, who will?

    So be frugal where you can and indulge yourself now and then...after all, we don't want to put anyone out of business.  Now, that is my little insight for the week.  I hope you are getting off to a good start and that your week is a good one.

    Friday, August 17, 2012

    A Little Fall For My Table....

    I needed a little something to slip into a fall floral arrangement that I have on my table and I thought this little candle would work perfectly.  The image is from Just Rite Stamps, an oldie but goodie, and I stamped it on tissue paper and colored with watercolor pencils.  Once I had it the way I wanted I used a piece of wax paper to hold the image on my candle and my heat gun to set it into the wax.  Then a little ribbon and it's ready to go.  It will be perfect in the globe that sits in the arrangement.  I used to do this with Copic markers, but since I sold mine I had to improvise.  I didn't know if the pencils would work, but it turned out pretty good.  It was not worth keeping them for one or two projects a year.  I never played well with the Copics anyway.  Seemed to over do it on everything.

    Well we are almost into the weekend.  What do you have planned?  Is your weather nice?  We have been enjoying beautiful weather and I can definitely feel Fall coming.  Have a great weekend and try and take a moment to Breathe! 

    Wednesday, August 15, 2012

    WOYWW # 167

    Good Wednesday morning fellow WOYWW'ers everywhere!  Welcome to my mess.  I have been struggling with an "Iffy" lower back and sitting at my desk just plain hurts, so my crafting has been seriously lacking for the last several days.  As you can see there isn't a lot going on this morning.  Just a Halloween tag I made last week and my rose stamped image with the beginnings of getting colored.  I really want to be here, but my ice pack looks better, so for another day or so I will just have to hang out with my heating pad, and ice pack. 

    Each week we take a picture of our desks and blog about it, then link it to Julia's blog then we can all go visit each others blogs and see what we have going on.  It's a wonderful snoop and I'm totally addicted.  I love to visit and have some new friends along the way.  It's so much fun and I look forward to Wednesdays. 

    Well that is it for me this morning.  Bear with me as my back continues to heal.  See you soon!

    Monday, August 13, 2012

    Twisted Sister and Another Halloween Tag...

    Good morning everyone.  I'm here to share another Halloween Tag I have made and to let you know my crafting time has been sadly lacking.  I have had so much outside work and I seem to have a hitch in my get-along.  I'm looking a little twisted so I will be spending quality time with a heating pad and an ice pack.  Heat for "it just feels good" and ice to relieve the swelling.  I've had this many times and know just how to act with it, but it really slows me down and sitting at my desk just plain hurts!  So forgive me if I don't show up, I'll be back as soon as I am nice and straight again. 

    My tag is a simple thing really, no frills, no fuss.  I embossed the image and the swirl, but today it just didn't want to show up.  Do you ever have those days?  Sometimes my photos are sadly lacking.  This is so much cuter in person and my grandson will love it.  He is 15 and I didn't want too much fussy stuff on his tag.  Just very straightforward and to the point.  I think this will do nicely.

    Well that's it for me this morning.  I hope your Monday is a good one and that you have some time to be creative!

    Wednesday, August 8, 2012

    WOYWW #166

    Good morning everyone and welcome to What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday!  Each Wednesday we take a picture of our desks and blog about it and then we link to Julia Dunnit's blog; this enables us to visit each other and have a good look around.  I find I am truly addicted to this little Wednesday adventure and love visiting as many of the desk as I possibly can each week.  I don't think I've ever actually made it to all the desks but each and every week I vow to do better.  One of these days I will be able to boast I did it!

    Not much going on here this morning.  I actually have a few things to put away, but for the most part you can actually see a lilttle bit of clean space.  It has been a crazy week for me and I haven't accomplished a thing really.  I've been very busy, but nothing has been completed and a couple of things were trashed because I just didn't like the way they were working out.  I know you have had those days yourself and it can be so frustrating. 

    Ok, so now I'm off to visit you guys...right after I get my coffee!  Have a good day and I hope you have time to create!

    Monday, August 6, 2012

    A Little Grundge, A Little Elegance, A little Christmas!

    Good morning friends!  I'm here to share another Christmas card I have made for the upcoming holiday season.  I know it's early, but I do get distracted and go off in different directions, so I need to do this while I'm at least a little focused!    My card uses a sentiment from Heartfelt Creations and lots of Spellbinders dies of course.  You know I have to have them on most everything I do.  Some pretty sparkle and bling, some pretty paper and I'm off and running.  I even used a gold leaf pen on the edges of the green oval layer although it's pretty hard to see in my photo.   But trust me it's there.  It's also on the burgundy layer.  I love those pens and think they add such an elegant feel to projects.

    So what are you doing today; do you have to work or is this a day off for you?  I'm planning another day in my craft room but as always, that's subject to change.  It seems I have really good intentions and then I run a wheel off and have to go see if I can find it in the bushes.  So whatever you are doing today, I wish you well and remember ..... take time to breathe!

    Supplies:  Canson watercolor paper, Prima paper, music paper, cardstock, Spellbinders, Prima bling, gold leafing pen, Ranger Distress Inks, Zip Dry Glue, Heartfelt Creations Stamps

    Friday, August 3, 2012

    Halloween Flight

    A time or two in my life I've been accused of riding a broom, but don't you think this little lady does it with such style?  Good morning everyone!  I'm sharing with you this morning my Halloween tag.  The images are freebies from the Internet and I stamped the Halloween on the big yellow moon.  The green flourish is from Heartfelt Creations and I used shimmer sprays to give it some shine.  I also gave the little witch some green color for her face and hands.  I think I will send tags to my Grandsons for Halloween as they are all too old for trick-or-treating.  Time flies and those boys are growing up right in front of my eyes.  The oldest just got his driving permit and the others are right on his heels.  Boy that makes me feel old this morning.   Lets change the subject! 

    I hope you enjoy my little tag and that you find time to make some of your own!  I know it's hot most places and difficult to think of the upcoming holidays, but they will be here before you know it.  I'm already beginning to see little things here and there that tell me Fall is coming, so get ready.  It is just around the corner!

    That's it for me this morning.  No matter where you wind up today, or what you are doing, take a moment and "Breathe"!

    Wednesday, August 1, 2012

    What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday #165

    Happy Wednesday out there!  Welcome to WOYWW!  If you are wondering what the heck is going on, this is the day we take a picture of our desk and blog about it and then link to Julia's blog,  Once this is done, we can visit each other and see what is going on in our little worlds!  Its a huge amount of fun and most addictive.  So come and join us in this addiction of Crafting.  Here is my desk!

    I've been working on a Halloween tag and have ink and paint and pop dots etc. laid out on my desk.  This is about as messy as I get, as my area is really quite small.  You can also see some glues and some glitter pots and a Christmas stamp.  I can't make up my mind if I'm doing Christmas or Halloween.  Maybe it's both! 

    Have a great day and check back on Friday, I'll have my finished tag ready to go for you!