Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jack in the Pulpit.......

OK, yes this one was difficult for me.....I looked up these flowers on line and they are beautiful in real life, however, I couldn't achieve the look on my card...This is my fifth try and I have to tell you, there comes a time when you just have to turn your back and move on.  The stamp is from JFF Stamps (D3415-Artsy Pulpit Flower)  In real life the flower is sort of transluscent and I just couldn't re-create the look.  So I cussied up the card with some colorful paper, some Spellbinders Dies, some silk ribbon and a few pearls.  I hope you enjoy this one.

JFF Stamps (D3415-Artsy Pulpit Flower)
Copic Markers
Spellbinders Dies
Paper, Ribbon and Pearls from my stash
A little blood, sweat, and tears


Sylvia said...

Glenda, Your card is beautiful! I know what you mean when you can't achieve a look you want. Try versa mark and ink and emboss with clear. Fill in the color you want around the background. The other option is to stamp white with color on black or a dark color and use crstal effects. It would be a fun thing to try and figure out, or just walk away and love this one!

Broni said...

You're too funny, Glenda! I have to admit that this image scares me! I love the colors you used and that bow is awesome! Walk away satisfied!

knitwit said...

Beautiful, amazing cards this week as always!! And this card is just fantastic! I think we all have things we're not 100% happy with when we do our crafts, but as far as I can tell, this one couldn't be any more perfect!! You're a pro!

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