Monday, August 2, 2010


Well, we decided to go ahead and find a friend for Bret.  This is Gracie...she also came from the No Kill Pound close to us.  She is 7 and such a sweet girl.  We are very pleased to have her and I think she will fit right in.  By taking her, Noah's Ark can take another little one that is in one of the other kind of shelter.  If I understand right, Gracie was born at Noah's Ark and has been there for 7 years.  Now she has over 1/2 acre to run and play if she wants.  She and Bret were housed together for awhile so they are old friends.

Gracie is a border collie mix.  Then I have a new picture of Bret below.  He is a shepherd mix.  He has tan markings and Gracie has only white.  See how Bret is smiling?  He is so happy to have a friend again!


knitwit said...

Great pics! One of my dogs is a border collie mix, and even at 9, he's still keeping us on our toes. So glad you found the right friend for Bret. You guys are going to have lots of fun!!

cristinoel said...

New dog looks like a good addition to the family!

Leslie Miller said...

This warms my heart! We oftentimes wish we'd gotten two Golden Retriever puppies at the same time, but I can't imagine trying to train two at once. Knowing Wally, I'm not sure I want to share him with another dog, no matter how he might like the companion. I just LOVE him so MUCH!

Elizabeth (Beth) Moore said...

How wonderful you were able to rescue two dogs and provide them with a loving family home! They are both good looking dogs! (Becareful Glenda or you'll end up like me with FOUR of them!) LOL.

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