Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I know it is August, but this is just terrible temps we are having!  Our feels like temps here yesterday were 100-102!  It's hard to find a cool place to crash in!  If this is global warming....I'm not too happy about it! 

I went into the garden yesterday to pick a few more tomatoes and peppers, and low and behold there were more beans also!  So I just started picking and before you know it I had melted and run down into my shoes!  So today, I have tomatoes to can, Salsa to make and also green beans to can!  I'm so far behind on everything that I'm feeling a little overwhelmed just now!  The apples are beginning to ripen and the grapes are hanging on the vine just waiting for me to come pick them!  I'm really moving slow in my old age...there was a time I could have done all of this in one day, but these days, I just seem to be puttering right along!  Slow and Steady, but a little burst of energy would be most appreciated!  I want to dry some apples the old fashioned way.  They make wonderful fried apple pies, and I might even try my hand at a stack cake for Christmas.  My Mom and Grandmother used to make these, but I have never tried my hand at them. 

Well ladies, I will be missing in action for a few days as I try to wade through this sea of veggies.  I'm not really complaining....just whining a little!  They will sure be tasty this winter!  I love to can and see the produce in the jars all lined up and waiting.  It gives me a sense of achievement!  Have a great day and a wonderful rest of the week.  If you are struggling with heat, I wish you a cool breeze now and then!

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