Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rainey Days.......

It rained all day yesterday.  I didn't get to stick my head out all day long...but it was OK, as I really needed to spend some time doing HEAVY cleaning.  Now today, I get to run errands.  I will wind up spending most of the day running in and out of stores and gathering groceries.   I try to limit my trips to town to once a week, since I hate it anyway, and I feel like I'm using too much fuel.  Not that it is that far to town from here, but I'd much rather be at home.  I guess that comes from working all those years; so now I'm very content to just be here.  I swear, I remind myself of my Grandmother, more every day!  Most days you could find her puttering around in her flower beds or sitting on her porch...Yep...that's me all over!  I love being outside and being in the fresh air.  And I have almost finished painting THAT DAMN FENCE!  Just a couple more sections on the outside and I'm done.  Whew, I can't wait....then it is on to the front porch.  I have so many projects that I want to do, and I'm sure the summer just will not be long enough!  Canning season is fast approaching and hopefully, I'll be  doing some of that.  I love to see things going into jars and onto the shelves for winter.  It makes me feel like I've really accomplished something!

Well ladies, I've been way too long winded this morning.  I just wanted to say hello and get about the business of the day.  Sooooo, I'm off to get another cup of coffee!!

Have a wonderful day and REMEMBER TO TAKE TIME TO BREATHE!!

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knitwit said...

It's been non-stop rain here and I'm about ready to head up the driveway and start hitchhiking someplace a little drier!
I love getting the canning done too. There's nothing like seeing everything lined up in the pantry ready for winter!

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