Monday, June 28, 2010

No New Pictures.....

Good morning, and by the way, it is Monday.  I don't have a new card to post today.....My little MagPie is struggling again with her allergies.  She is just so itchy....I'm going to take her in for another steroid shot this morning and maybe we can sleep again.  I've been trying everything to make her comfortable, but the last day or so she has been miserable.  At 1:30 this a.m. I am up and mixing vinegar and water to sponge onto her skin.  It helps with the itching, however, it only lasts an hour or so, so we have been up most of the night.  I feel a nap coming on.  I just hate giving her steroids, as they work on her kidneys.  I feel like each shot is a death sentence in the making, but she is just so miserable.  Fleas are the problem and I'm constantly spraying the yard but they are stubborn here in our area! All it takes, is one bite and she is off and running.  Big red welts and itchy, itchy!   So Frontline works when the flea bites, and one bite is the end for Maggie... Found a new product from Cedarcide that is cedar oil and it will kill the little buggers in seconds!  Good stuff but kind of expensive.  All natural and I'm hoping this will be the last shot for her this year.  Keep your fingers crossed for us.  DEATH TO THE FLEAS!!

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knitwit said...

No worries on not posting a new pic--I had a week's worth to catch up on anyway!! Beautiful work this week. Your cards are SO inspiring!
I hope you get that flea issue tackled. Out here it's ticks and they don't just land on the animals. Yuck!!

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