Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Yes it is true. I have been having a little trouble being productive with my cards, so I decided to dust off my quilting. I had started a quilt top many months ago and decided now was the time to work on it again. It will be a star pattern and each and every stitch will be done by hand. Let me just say this is a lot of work ...My mother was an avid quilter and she made so many beautiful quilts in her day. I have a couple of them here and her quilting stitches are so tiny and uniform ...Oh how I strive for that! So far my stitches are not pretty at all. Uneven and going up and down but I'm hoping with a little practice this will improve. Already I can see a tiny difference and there may be hope for me yet. LOL Since I am not working, I have the time to engage in this wonderful art form and I must say I am quite excited about it. Any way, think of me as I poke my fingers, a thimble seems impossible for me so far. I keep trying, but it really seems to constrict my motion with my finger. I know this is a learned thing and I keep trying and it too seems to be getting better. I will really need a thimble when I start to actually quilt the top.

Well it is getting later and later when I post as I become more used to being at home and I seem to be sleeping better now that all decisions are made and we are once again moving forward.

Have a great day and be careful out there. It is 18 degrees and snowing here this morning and I feel the roads will be slippery!

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