Monday, February 1, 2010

Feb 1, 2010

Is anybody there? Sometimes I get to thinking there is nobody there at all. But when I started this blog it was on a whim and I promised I would just tell you what is on my mind and show some pictures. I have done that and I must say I really enjoy doing it. Sooooooo ..... it really doesn't matter if anyone see's it or not. This adventure is for me and my family. I'm not much for facebook or twitter, however I find that I write on this blog almost daily. I feel like it is a way for my family to see what I'm doing and know that I am ok if I write everyday. So I guess this means that I will continue to type all this stuff in and send it out into oblivion each day or so just so you know I am still here!

Where did January go? It just seemed to fly by. I must be getting old....Well we made it through the snowstorm with only a couple of inches of snow accumulation. Mother Nature gave us a mixed bag of ingredients to deal with and depending on where you live in our county determined the amount of these ingredients you received. This morning the temps are 16 degrees here and I'm hoping it will be warming up just a tad. I have to work 1/2 day today and then I can come home and put on my jammies and play if I want. Mostly I want, because I love doing valentine cards. It is that time of year. I also have a friend that has a birthday this month and I am working on a gift for her.

Well it is time for me to run through the shower and see of I can face the day. I'm hoping to have pictures for tomorrow!

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