Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February is almost gone!

I looked at the calendar this morning and low and behold February is almost gone I'm not sure where the time went....March is on it's way and I am looking forward to the change into Spring. I'm looking forward to being outside some. I'm hoping to finish painting our picket fence this spring. It was started last year by My husbands daughter and she had a bad shoulder and had to stop. I'm hoping to finish this year. It is not all that large a yard but the pickets can stretch on forever.

I don't have any pictures to share this morning. Yesterday, I spent the day straightening the house and ironing and I pieced a few quilt blocks and crocheted some and rummaged through some more stored craft items. Years ago, I told my sister "I just like to buy products....I don't seem to use them, I just purchase them". Now it's kinda nice to find all these treasures that have been stored away and get them out and get more ideas as I go. I have enough supplies to last a good long time and now I have some time to play. I'm loving that.

Have a wonderful day and for those of you have to go to work, Go get em! As for me, I'm just going to lay around and eat Bon Bons! LOL

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