Thursday, February 18, 2010


This is a picture of Abby. When you hear me speak about "My Girls", it is Abby and Maggie or MagPie. They are little Yorkies and Abby is a rescue dog. My sister found her wandering in the highway and almost hit her. My sister stopped and opened her car door and Abby came running. She called the animal shelter in that area and told them she had found Abby and after 2 weeks when no one claimed her she became mine. Someone had cut her hair down to less than 1 inch and she was so flea bitten she had to go to the vet to get rid of them. I took her home and loved her and she has made a beautiful baby! We also have Niki, A black Pug (The Queen of Sheba). She is my husband's dog and she totally loves her Daddy!

This past week, since I have been home, I have become the keeper of the DOOR! All three spend their time trying to get me to let them out. I have a feeder close to the porch and since it is soooooo cold here, the birds have been burning up the feeder. Well my girls love to chase the birds. They don't want to catch them just chase them. I have seen Abby come to a screaching halt just to keep from running into a bird that was trying to take flight. It is really funny to watch. It is all about the chase. Maggie runs down the porch and Abby runs down the sidewalk and they meet in the middle. Niki just stands on the steps and barks....well you know the Queen of Sheba would never run...unless she has been outside too long and needs to come into the warmth. Well I could think of worse things to be, Keeper of the Door, is not so bad when you come to think of it. I no longer have a tight schedule to adhere to, I can go to sleep when I want, get up when I want and do anything I want in between. Well almost anything....somebody has to keep the door!

Well I am off to get another cup of coffee and make the bed, I have errands to run today so I will spend some time away from the house. That will be good for a change.
Have a blessed Day!

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