Thursday, January 28, 2010


I cannot tell you how happy we are to have Bret in our family! He is such a good dog. We could not have anticipated that he would fit in so well. We have grown to love him so much. Gypsie is a new girl. She has a sparkle in her eye we have not seen for a long time. She gets feisty and jumps around when you go out to see her. We also did not anticipate quite this change in her. She is almost like a puppy. She is moving around and beginning to look like she might be loosing some weight. We are so thankful that Bret is not overbearing and lets her have some space too. He is such a good fit. We still miss Max and will for some time. Bret was for Gypsie totally and it looks like he might just edge his way into our hearts as well.

We are anticipating a snow storm tomorrow and Saturday. Looks like snow, ice, rain and more snow for most areas. It could get nasty around here. If you have to be out in it, please be careful.

More later, Its time for me to move on tonight!

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