Wednesday, January 13, 2010


All is well at the Brooks house...Bret is fitting right into the mix of animals here. When I had 1/2 day off Monday, I came home and let Bret and Gypsie out for a run in the yard. He was so happy to be able to roam free. Gypsie walked with him around the yard several times and being the tubby lady that she is, she had to lay down to rest. Bret had been loping along not full out running, and you could tell he was having the time of his life. When Gyspie laid down, he would jump over her and just keep running along. It was so funny to watch. After they were fed their supper, they went into the enclosure where it is warmer and went to sleep. All was quiet all night long. Gypsie is loving it all. She has stopped laying next to where Max died and it seems her grieving process is ending. Bret will be so good for her, she is moving around and has someone to spend time with. We are so proud of the way Bret is fitting in. The lady at the pound said she couldn't say anything bad about him and I'm finding that to be very true. It looks like we made a good decision. Now if we can just continue to feed them! Ha...Ha..

Have a wonderful day, and dress warmly. It is 15 degrees here this morning.

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