Thursday, January 21, 2010


I have taken pictures, but have not taken the time to put onto my computer and transfer to my blog! I must be getting old. When I think of doing this, I get sidetracked and wind up doing something else altogether different. I have made a couple of Valentine Cards and can't seem to get them here. Sorry for that, I will try to do better. My crafting area is getting smaller and smaller and I find it is very hard to stay focused. It is so hard to be creative if you can't find anything and I mostly can't find ANYTHING! I am at the stage if I don't see it...I must not have it. It is a shame to have all these stamps and have them hidden away, therefore, I don't have them and they never get used! Can you tell I'm on a caffeine rush this morning?

Well it is raining again this morning and getting to be quite a mess around here. Lots of mud and brown going on. At least the temps are nicer at 47 degrees this morning.

Have a blessed day!

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