Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Yes I only had to do 1/2 day yesterday and I must say that was really an easy way to ease back into the schedule. Some of my work had been done by another girl in the office so I was not soooo far behind. And inventory worked like a charm. I was allowed to sit in the truck and my boss yelled at me the numbers so I didn't have to trudge through the cold temps. And let me just say it has really been cold around here the last few days and yesterday it snowed most of the day. No accumulations but man it was COLD. Today seems to be starting out just like yesterday. It is 16 here this morning. If you are familiar with East Tennessee then you know how our temps jump up and down, but for it to be this cold for any extended time is very unusual these days. Normally our days are 40...ish and nights are 30...ish. Maybe this will kill some bugs!

Hope you have a wonderful day and please stay warm out there.

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