Thursday, January 21, 2010


I know this is two entries in one morning, but I had to show this picture of Maggie...As we live in the country with fields near our house we can get a mouse inside now and then. Well we have had one for awhile now and it must have gotten under a baseboard because Maggie would stand for hours looking at the baseboard. She is totally engrossed with it. Now I am sure that little mouse didn't stay there all that time but she has stood for days now. For a couple of months now she has done this at several places in our house. She gets so tired she just falls over asleep! So I put her bed close by so she could sleep. I have always said she sleeps with "Radar Up" which is her ears up and one eye open. This picture proves it. I know this is probably not acceptable behavior, but it does keep her occupied.

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