Friday, May 20, 2011

Blue Jay and Roses.....

As I get older, I find that I appreciate God's little gifts more and more.  Birds, butterflies, bees, know...all the little things that we are given each day.  When I worked full time, it seemed that I never took the time to stop long enough to fully appreciate these things...just fleeting moments here and there.  Now that I am home all day I try to take a little time each day and just sit down outside and look around.  Those gifts are all around us and to my amazement, I love each and everyone of them!  Yesterday a Jay came to my fountain and then on to the dry dog food left in a pan.  They are such gorgeous creatures and I thought of this card; so I want to share with you this morning..

When I say to you to "Take Time and Breathe"...this is what I mean.  Just take a moment or two, take a good cleansing breathe and look around you.  God's gifts are right here just waiting for us to be amazed by them.  These are the times I feel the smallest.  Such a wonderful place we live, and so much beauty here in the hills of East Tennessee.

The designer at Heartfelt Creations, Linda Bontrager has captured the beauty of nature in her stamps!  She has such a talent and shares that with us in the lovely images she creates.  I have said it before, but working with this company makes me feel like I have come home.  The stamps I used for my card today are:

HCPC 3385 Spring Birdie & Roses PreCut Set
HCPC 3353 Cardinal Family PreCut Set
HCD 706 Cardinal Family Die

Well ladies, that about does it for me today.  So no matter where you are, no matter what you are doing, take a little time and "Breathe" (wink)

Other Supplies: Spellbinders Fanciful Flight Dies, Lattice Pendant, Ranger Distress Inks, Sticky Doos for dimension, Card Stock, Canson Watercolor Paper, Seam Binding and Stickles.


Olga said...

Amen, I know exactly what ya mean. We do have beauty all around us, every time I see the Blue Ridge Mt. it takes my breath, I thank God I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Love these mountains! Your card is a master piece!

Dawn B. said...

This is so pretty Glenda. I love the ribbon with the blue in your bird. Great job.

The Other Patti Sue said...

You are so right Glenda! There is God's beauty in EVERYTHING! Beautiful card!

Starla said...

Gorgeous! And I'm so glad for the reminder to " breathe". You're correct in the fact that so often we (meaning "I") get caught up in the daily to do list, that breathing is forgotten

knitwit said...

The very best thing about living in the country for me is that I can stop and enjoy those things that much more, especially at this time of year.
Beautiful cards yet again this week, and I LOVE those roses in your yard!
Have a great weekend!

Sylvia said...

Since I was little I have always loved being outdoors to dicover that caterpillar spinning a cocoon, etc. When we moved to Colorado, except for a short time when I worked, I was alone(my husbands work always had him gone), just God, me and the cats and all the beautiful scenery. I lived there eight years and I talked to everything even my own hummingbirds who came to the sound of my voice talking to my cats. I spend a lot of time outside here so I live with the beauty that is here. Wonderful card, I have a pair of Jays as well! Thanks for the lift to my day! Hugs to you.

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Amen #2..Don't you just love retirement? It'd be nice to have some $ to spend but. I am so happy to enjoy all the "LITTLE THINGS". My military son always says "America Takes TOOOO much for granted". I thank God everyday for my health too. Some cannot enjoy the beauty of nature.
Glenda your cards are all so pretty. We had a Blue Jay visit a few days, not common here, but maybe this goofy weather has them confused.
Keep up the good work. Love stopping by to see what you are creating.
It is cold, dreary, and very wet here again. But lots to do the weekend. Enjoy.

chris richards said...

Hi Glenda,lovely card and thankyou Glenda for reminding me to breathe !!! I think we do take things for granted.....
I've just come back from a holiday, and catching up on your wonderful creations....such a pleasure !
love and hugs
chris richards

Linda W. said...

Beautiful thoughts Glenda. You are so right about it all! As I sat and watched 3 pairs of orioles last nite only 20 feet from me while I sat in the swing, I totally relaxed to their songs! This is a rare year for us to have more than 2 pair - I estimate we have 6 pair - plus more birds than I've seen in a long time at the same time! Thax for the lovely reminder.

Patty said...

We seldom see a blue jay here. When I have seen one I am amazed by the beauty. Your card is also beautiful. My goodness you just keep knocking out the beautiful work. I agree that I am stopping more and enjoying the beautiful world God has given us.

Beate said...

Oh Glenda, another AMAZING creation.
Hugs and smiles

S said...

Oh I agree, sometimes we are so busy doing, we forget to just be and see the world around us. Thanks for the reminder.

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