Tuesday, May 24, 2011

So I stood in the sun pulling blooms for hours......

I'm not even sure what happened yesterday...I was fully intending to post this yesterday and life just got in the way.  I decided I would work in my flower beds for a little while and then come inside and post this card...well I did go outside and work and somehow a few minutes turned into a few hours and first thing you know it was time to rest a bit and then do my evening chores...you know ... fix dinner, feed the dogs, do a load of laundry...etc., etc.   I got into pulling dead blooms off my rose bushes (the ones in the round bed in our yard I showed you a couple of posts below.  You are not supposed to have to do that with these roses, but I just decided I didn't like the look.  So I stood outside for hours pulling those blooms off the plants and now it looks really bare, but in a couple of weeks it will start blooming all over again and be just as beautiful.  I feed all the plants in the yard and spent maybe 3 1/2 hours in the sun.  But everything looks so much neater and the feeding will insure more beautiful blooms shortly!

Ok on to my card.  I used Heartfelt Creations HCPC 3396 Bella Rose Lattice Background PreCut Set for this one.  I colored with Copic Markers and it has been awhile since I used them.  I have really lost my touch with them.  I struggled with the leaves and the flowers trying to get the shading just right.  I do wish I could find a Copic class and attend....it would help me a lot. 

Today, I have errands to run and spend most of the day taking care of that.  Also a little trip to Hobby Lobby can never hurt!  The weather has been a little iffy here...storms predicted all around but so far we have dodged the bullet.  I'm hoping today will be a good day for you and that you take a moment and "Breathe"!! 

Check back tomorrow...it will be another Heartfelt Wednesday and I will have something new to share with you!


chris richards said...

Hi Glenda,a lovely card !!
Your leaves are fine....better than i could do !!
But i do know what you mean,I just cant get on with these markers either !!!
love and hugs
chris richards

Sylvia Nelson said...

Hey, Glenda! I have had days like that, just not this week. Love your card and keep your head down as the weather continues to be uncertain at best. My day is going well except for blogger and being able to comment! Still trying to fix!

Olga said...

gorgeous card and I bet your garden is too!

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Great card, hope you don't have a sunburn. I did somewhat the same..and cleaned our 3 stall garage, dirty, dusty, humid..I'm exhausted. But great to have it all done. My son and family are arriving late Thurs. They transferred from Altanta and are now in Kansas, awaiting their movers. Has been terrible stormy weather ever since they arrived, but they do have a basement.
Have another grand daughters 6th birthday Thurs to have supper with and My husband's is Wed. so have lots going on. Enjoy...rest up.
Lots of trouble posting this...Sylvia/LittleTreasures

The Other Patti Sue said...

So very pretty! I bet your flower garden is just as beautiful!

Patty said...

Glenda....I think this weather is just causing us to drift a bit! Ha! Love this pretty card and I am sure your beautiful flowers inspired it!

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