Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday before the Monday I go back to work!

Well these few days off work have been wonderful....lots of rest and some work but come creating too. Well we finally got the tree lit and I began to decorate late yesterday afternoon. It is really close to being finished, just as soon as I have enough light to see any bear spots I left. I purchased many small balls and let me just say it takes a very long time to hang them all. I will post a picture of the finished tree soon. Today I want to wrap a few presents to put under it and then this evening my grandson Spencer is coming for a small visit. I love the time we have together.

I feel like a weight has been lifted, shopping.....done, tree....up and decorated now all I have to do is wrap gifts and enjoy the season. I can't wait!
This is the time of year I remember my parents most. Thanksgiving and Christmas were their favorite holidays and mostly it was because everyone came home to see them. Now I feel the same way. Our Children are so busy but they always make it for Christmas and most of the time Thanksgiving. We love spending time with them...

Well I must get out of this chair and get the day started..another cup of coffee would be nice and soon some breakfast. Have a blessed day!

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