Monday, November 30, 2009

No title....Just MONDAY!

Well I sort of wondered if I could sleep a little later, since I have been off I have been sleeping until 4 or 5 and was hoping for that this morning....well Abbey is on the job. You cannot oversleep. She was most anxious at 3 am this morning. Way to go girl...she has this way of loudly huffing that will wake you every time and once you get up then she is ready to go back to sleep. She is convinced that I like getting up in the middle of the night and she WILL not let me oversleep.

It is raining here this morning....I have a busy day at work. This is inventory day and I'm hoping it is not raining then. It is always hard in the rain. Heck at my age it's hard even in the sunshine. My back aches when I am slacking because of age there. I wish they would give that to someone younger.Problem is there is no one younger except the girl who does the other part of the inventory. So I guess its like the old saying goes....."Just Suck it Up!....

Have a good day try not to whine like me.

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