Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy First Year.....

Can you believe it?  I must have been snoozing right through it!  My one year anniversary for blogging was Sept. 1 and I didn't even remember!  So many things going on in my little blog world and I just totally let it slip by.  So Happy Birthday to me!  I started this little journey for myself....Sort of like writing in a journal.  I didn't ever think anyone would notice that I was even here.  There were a couple of ladies blogs that I followed and I visited their site each morning.....still a matter of fact.....I'm not mentioning any names .....but their initials are:  Sherry Cheeverand Broni Holcombe....LOL....I hope you ladies don't mind that I mention your names.  After several months of this I decided to start my own blog.  Now I love making cards and I decided to show a few here and there.  Months went by and one morning, on my blog, I said "Is anybody out there?"  "I'm just wondering if anyone reads this stuff besides me."  It seems like from then on people started to come and leave comments. 

Of course, my dear sister was the first to read my blog and we communicated back and forth about it....she has been quite an enabler since I became unemployed.  She is always cheering me on and telling me....."See, I knew you could do this!"  Now I actually have a little band of followers and they visit and leave wonderful comments.  I find that this has been a wonderful outlet for me and I plan to continue on my "Journey" through the crafting world. 

So my Journey began one step at a time, one day at a time, and that is how I will continue.  This has been a wonderful year for me.  I have met many new people and made a friend or two along the way; and I would not change anything!  I feel like this is helping me grow and become a better I step into my second year I just want to say thank you so much for welcoming me into the blogging world!
And as Arnold would say....."I'll be back!".......tomorrow.....I think I will have another card to share!


DottyA Cards & Things said...

That is a Millstone! I am one of your Followers and have been for just a few months now, which I had found you sooner! Each morning I get up and start the coffee, turn the news on (YUCK) and sit at my PC to check on my Blog friends. I also follow the 2 ladies you mentioned along with a few others....
I can proudly say you were the First person to become a Follower on my blog a few months ago and I have a total of 3 followers now... YEP! Pee!! And when I get a comment I'm so excited!!
Look forward to see your next creation!

Beate said...

Congratulations! I am glad you are blogging. I like to stop by and admire your work.
Hugs and smiles

Starla said...

WOW!! One year! I'm so glad that you started to show your stuff, otherwise, we might have never "met"!!
Congratulations on your One year!

Margarita Ybarra said...

congrats on your 1 year blog anniversary! It was great getting to know you and seeing all the wonderful things you create :)

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