Thursday, October 8, 2009

Update on Max.....

Max had a really good day on Monday of this week. I had the afternoon off and was home. Someone came to the house and i saw Max running to the gate and barking. Mind you he was not full out, but that was the first time I had seen him move even a little bit fast. Tuesday was not so good....Wednesday, he wouldn't get up when I came home .... no eating drinking. We fully expected him to continue down hill until he passed. Today he is much improved again. Now what is going on with this little guy? Turns out Carl had been cooking beef for him and he was loving it but I read on the internet where too much protein was not good since his kidneys in the state they are in are not able to clear the protein. I talked to carl about this and he is giving cat food again to get him started and he is once again cleaning his plate and this afternoon he came to meet me with tail wagging and I am sooooo thankful. We have some dog food from the vet that is low protein and we will continue him on that and ween him off the cat food. Looks like we may just have a handle on this at least for awhile. I'm getting weary...when Max does not do well, we don't rest here. Many sleepless nights. We get so attached. Well i just wanted to share what I hope is good news. More later. Forgive my typing and spelling as I am in a hurry and need to do 20 more things before Carl comes home.

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