Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hello there.....

It is once again Saturday and quite frankly I am sooo pleased. I don't have a huge amount of housework to do today and I'm thinking I might just be able to squeeze in some crafting. I have several little things in the works to finish and I must get the goodie containers ready for Halloween so I can mail to my Grandkids. They just love receiving things in the mail even though we don't live that far away. So I try to send cards and boxes here and there just to give them that special feeling. Might I just say grandkids are the best!

Quick update on Max. These last couple of days he has been like his old self. Somewhat subdued but you can just tell he is truly feeling better. We are soooo proud that he is finally coming around. We know his kidney disease might take him out, but we are hoping for some quality time. He and Gypsie are stuck like glue together. Where you see see the other. That is not a bad thing...they seem to get along so well together. It does me good to see Max run some. Not full out yet but here and there is just goes trotting.

Well I must get my Cinderella rags on and tackle the housework around here so I can then do what I want. Enjoy your weekend!!

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