Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year.....2011

No, I did not make it to ring in the new year.  It's an old lady thing.....but just before we said good night, I looked at my husband and said....." 5---4---3---2---1---HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  We kissed and went to sleep.  It's OK.   Just because we sleep through it, doesn't mean it doesn't come just the same.  LOL. we step into this new year, my wish for you is this:  May you be healthy, happy and have the things you need and some of the things you want.  May you have time to be creative.  We all have that side of us that needs to be turned loose!  May you find joy in your life!  This past year I found joy!  Thinking back over the year, there were a lot of times I just thought...."OK Lord.....This is not funny!"  But you know really was.   We have had to make adjustments, like many of you out there.  I don't pretend to be any different.  But late in the year I realized I did find joy this year.  It was there all along, I just never had the time to realize it.  We get so caught up in all the buzz of life, we forget to breathe; and although I say this on my blog about every day.....I was not practicing what I preach! 

So for me there are no resolutions this year.....I only vow to Take Time to Breathe.  To enjoy the little things in our everyday lives and don't sweat the rest!  To stop long enough to look around and see what is going on around you.....Look inside yourself and see what is going on in there.  It just might amaze you!  Oh yeah.....And find your joy...whatever it is!


Olga said...

well we slept through it too, LOL, means we'll get plenty of rest in the year to come, I wish all good things and many blessing to you & yours!

Patti said...

May the next year be full of blessings for you and yours! I too brought the new year in sound asleep!

knitwit said...

It's not an old lady thing. We've slept through the New Year on more than one occasion!! Last night we managed to stay up with our 7 year-old to ring in 2011, but we were conked out in bed before 12:30!
Your plan for this year is much like mine. I'm calling it "Keep it Simple!" but I want to do much the same as you, so we can work on it together!
Wishing you a Happy New Year and continued joy for all of 2011!

Patty said...

I will have to do the count down next year with my husband! Your resolution should be in all of our hearts this year. It is perfect.....have a blessed year and I am looking forward to mor fun times!

Leslie Miller said...

Beautiful words, and this is just what I plan to do. I keep thinking about savoring the moments, the days. Being at work, as much as I enjoy my coworkers and don't dislike my job, it's difficult to find moments to savor. I keep trying, though! Happy new year!

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