Thursday, July 29, 2010


Good morning all!  Well it is Thursday and I should be doing many other things, like laundry, dusting floors, slopping the hogs.....etc. etc.  But do I have the motivation?  NO!  So I have taken pictures of my craft space instead.  All that other stuff will just have to wait ... except for the hogs.  We don't really have hogs is just a saying here.

This is as you first come through the door....this  high boy has most of my stamps in it.  I will open drawers for you another time.

Oops looks like I left a drawer open.  This dresser has my Cricut machine, my big shot and some projects on it.  In the corner is a Cheval Mirror with Abby's bed in front of it.  The dresser has ribbon, small pieces of cardstock, Cartridges for the Cricuit and just some STUFF.

This is my new cabinet my husband had built just for me.  The doors are from a closet kit that were given to us.  My son-in-law built the cabinet.  It has been in storage for two years and I can't tell you how happy I am to have it here in my new space!  It holds so much as you will see in my next picture.  The quilts rack was my mother's and the front quilt, she made for me.  It is a Texas Star and the pieces are tiny and it is quilted to death!  The quilt behind that one was made for my by my Grandmother in 1958.  She put the date in one of the squares.  Wonderful reminders of where I came from.

Here is the cabinet with the doors open.  Whew it holds a lot of STUFF.....Have I said how much I love it!

This picture has my Bachelor Chest which will have Inks, Stamp Pads, etc. when I get it loaded.  I'm thinking about setting up to take my pictures here also.....Then My desk  ...It and the cabinet don't match anything else in the room, however, they are both my favorite pieces.  The right hand door houses my tower for computer and on the door I have hooks for scissors and distressers, tweezers, etc.  Things that I use every day! and of course my heat gun hung on a hook on the side of the desk.  The top right drawer will have my spellbinder dies.  I use these and my Cuttlebug daily! 

Last but not least the Nightstand that has my printer and phone on it and the drawers will have printer supplies.  Then of course the closet.  This I am not using for crafting.  I have clothes in this closet and it will continue to be just a closet.

Ok there you have it.  My pictures are not the best this morning, as it is gloomy and overcast and not much light coming in.  I didn't turn on the overhead light as it sometimes creates a glare.  Hope you have a wonderful day!  Remember to take time to Breathe!


knitwit said...

What a great space! You've inspired me to try to get my own craft room a little better organized. It definitely doesn't look as nice as yours!
Enjoy your new craft room--you deserve it!!

muchahorta said...

Waw !! You're so organized !!! My goodness ! Wish I could do it too !

Lisa Somerville said...

Love your craft space!

1CardCreator said...

Thanks for sharing your crafting space with us. I just love to see where people craft. Makes me feel like I know you better. ~Diane

Janie Printz said...

What a wonderful space to craft ... Always so wonderful to see where people put their creative juices to work. If I made wonderful flowers like you do I would have a mess everywhere. I love what you do with pieces of paper & a few punches. AMAZING !!!
Hugs, Janie

Tysha Craft´s said...

Bellisimo lugar ... me encanto

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