Saturday, May 1, 2010

May already????

It seems like only yesterday it was January, suddenly it is May...I have been in such a whirlwind of a tailspin around here. Lots of grunge work going on and I don't mean creating either! I had no idea how dirty everything was. I have been scrubbing and fertilizing and planting and scrubbing some more! And the sad thing is there is still a ton on my to do list. Yesterday was another laundry day....I also got our deck ready for habitation and worked on my two fountains and got them up and running. The birds love them and in about 30 minutes after they started the birds were flocking to them! Abby fancies herself a bird dog so I have to watch her pretty close. Mostly she just lays on the top deck and watches but she can be sneaky.

It is supposed to rain here for a couple of days, so I plan to sit on my butt and heal up a little. I'm hoping to make a card or two...I'm going into DT's since I haven't posted anything for several days! Enjoy your weekend!

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