Thursday, May 6, 2010

Black Magic with a Twist...

Now I am 60 years old and I just want to know why nobody ever told me about this technique! I stumbled onto a blog a couple of days ago and was seeing perfection. This lady is doing some beautiful work and I just had to try it. Here is my rendition on the technique. You stamp dark cardstock with white craft ink and let it dry. Then you color over the white to your little hearts content. Then you add white dots to accent the design. Now I know there are other techniques out there that I haven't tried, but this one just blew my socks off! I hope you enjoy the card!


Vicki said...

Beautiful...something i have not seen before either...thanks for sharing.


Diana said...

HI I love your cards im in so much awwwwwww over your black magice cards and your bird card up above where you talk about your sister ..Can you tell me where you got those stamps and also what do you use to color in your black paper ?? pencils , copics ect ..
I live in Tn as well

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