Friday, March 18, 2016

My Week Has Been a Blur!

Good morning everyone!  What a week this has been and it's not over yet!  First we started out with gorgeous weather and now we are sliding back into colder temps for a few days and then another gradual warm up again.  Typical East Tennessee weather.  I'm just hoping I don't have any trees budded out that the colder temps will hurt.  My apple tree is just ready to burst through with blooms and if that happens it will get bitten and then no fruit this year.  My Dogwood trees are beginning to flower and the Red Bud trees are gorgeous right now.  So Spring is definitely coming!

I'm sharing with you this morning another page of a mini album that I am working on.  I did some cards this week but I just couldn't show them yet so I decided to show this.

The paper used on this page is from the Raindrops on Roses paper collection from Heartfelt Creations.  The page really showcases the new edge die I have from Sue Wilson.  I just love the look and you will be seeing it often.

Well I'm off for a warm up of coffee and I'm trying to get ready to face my day.  I mowed grass yesterday and today I need to weed eat.  That is a killer for me but I'm hoping my new weed eater is better suited for my size and won't kill my back. I'm really stiff this morning and I'm hoping today will be better on my body!

That's it for me this morning.  Wherever you are today and whatever you are doing take a moment just for you and "Breathe".


Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

You do such gorgeous work, My Sweet Friend!!! Don't work too hard!!!!!

Marisa Job said...

Beautiful page!! Love your work!!

Leslie Miller said...

Oooh, another pretty page! The edge die is gorgeous. Sue Wilson goes so well with your beautiful style. Our weather is all over the place, too. Not too cold, but rain/sun, rain/sun. The sun sure feels good when it's here.

Caroline D. said...

The whole album you are making must be fantastic because all that you've shared is gorgeous. Sounds like your area is a little ahead of my part of NC this Spring (north of winston-salem). We're supposed to get down to 32 sunday night. The redbuds are popping, but the dogwoods haven't even cracked open. We live in the woods, so I didn't plant any flowering ornamental trees, but I see them around and the tulip trees and bradford pears will get frozen. Hopefully it will be the last cold temps for us both.

Darlene said...

Morning! Your albums are always so beautiful ... this looks like it's going to be GORGEOUS!!! Good luck with that week eating ... hubby got me a new 'eater' last year and it's SO MUCH BETTER and EASIER to use! I'm only 5'2" so the gas powered one nearly killed me ... this one is battery pack ... very light and easy to use.
Not quite ready to mow here ... but I'm a little further North ... won't be long though. COME ON SUMMER TIME lol

Sylvia said...

Beautiful page in you mini, Glenda, I totally missed this last week, self absorbed with coffee! Too bad I just can't drink it! Happy Monday!

Deborah Adams said...

Just gorgeous. I love HC and so of course I love this page you have done for the mini.

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