Wednesday, January 27, 2016

WOYWW #347

Well here we are again, right in the middle of the week and I'm here sharing another what's on your workdesk photo!  This little Wednesday get together has become a huge part of my life and I'm always happy to share what I have been doing.  If you would like the rules about this blog hop just head over to Julia's blog; she is the creator of this little bit of madness (I say that with nothing but a loving heart Julia!)

My desk is relatively clear this past week because I spent several days watching the snow storm that blew through this area.  The first round brought 6-7 inches of snow and the second wave brought another 2-3 inches and I enjoyed each and every little bit of it!  I love the snow and just watching it fall can hold my attention for hours.  Of course being retired I don't have anywhere to go so I can totally relax and enjoy.

Lately, I have become in love with making these mini-albums using some of the Heartfelt Creations products. I'm trying to photograph this one and so here is one of the pages.  I do still make a card or two along the way but I dearly love working with these.  They help me spend hours pouring love and attention into little works of art and it is just a great crafty project!

In my albums I make all the flowers, leaves and butterflies and love coloring them to match the papers I'm using!  I love dies and use them throughout my pages as well.  So there you have it.  I'm going to try and visit a few of you now, so we will talk later!


Bridget Larsen said...

I would love to watch snow falling, we dont have that here or anywhere i've lived. your mini album is very beautiful i have yet to make one
Bridget #1

Julia Dunnit said...

Ah Glenda, time on my hands or not, I don't think I'll ever like snow, except in majestic, once in a lifetime views! But enjoy, love that you make the most. Your album (and previous post) card are just delicious, I think if one hits on a speciality, one should stick with it, and these are very special. I love the black outlines in this album, perfect framing.

Lisca said...

Oh that album is gorgeous! What happens to the flower when you close it? Does it get squashed? Or is it not supposed to close? That is why I am reluctant to use beautiful flowers on cards. They just get flattened and that would be sad.
Thanks for visiting earlier,
Have a good week,

Sylvia said...

More lovely red and green, your album is a treasure, I'm sure, Glenda...not much desk to see! Have a fun day!

Marisa Job said...

I would love to watch snow falling again!! I love it but just for one day! LOL!! Your mini album is beautiful!!! Hugs!

Caroline D. said...

What a beautiful album! I can tell you enjoy making them because of all the gorgeous details. We had a good snow here this past Friday in my part of NC too. I also LOVE snow!! Our total was 10-12 inches depending on where we measured. It's melting away now, but still lots on the ground 5 days later.

Clair said...

Glenda, I love this little beauty. I'm a massive fan of mini-albums myself (and different though ours may look) I fully understand the appeal of making them from scratch and adding all of the individual elements. What will you do with it now that it's finished? Did you have a purpose in mind?

Clair @ Obstinate Pursuit

Neet said...

I love making journals and doing things like that too. I love the one you are showing us here.
Sounds as if you have had some snow there - I think they had some at home after we left but we might end up going back to some next month. Nice on Christmas cards or to watch through the window but to drive in - oh no!
Hugs, Neet 2 xx

trisha too said...

Beautiful mini album, what is it about minis we find so fascinating?

Love the colors you used, very striking.

#60 this week
with 37 atcs

Sharon said...

You can keep the snow. I've had enough.

Love the mini-album. I've been making a bunch of them lately. Can't seem to stop.

Sharon K #49

Lee Ann Barrett said...

Wow! How gorgeous, Glenda! I love the colors of this album and that flower is just amazing!

sandra de said...

Wow ... a kindered spirit ... a love of detail. Simply stunning.
sandra de @14

Darlene said...

Well there ya go again my friend! Your albums are always jaw dropping gorgeous! I don't know how you do it but I'm always in AWE of your work. just gorgeous!!
Stay warm! I'm home for a few days and enjoying my 'cave time'! HUGS from OHIO!

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

wonderful treasure there Glenda and also love your card below
I do so love poppies :D
and well watching snow must admit I wouldn't prob watch it for hours but then maybe it is like watching the sea.. very therapeutic..
Shaz in oz.x thanks for popping over.

Scrapthology said...

That's a stunning looking mini book and I love the red flower.