Monday, November 9, 2015

Angel Card.....

Good morning friends.  I hope you are doing well and getting ready to face the week.  I've been absent for a couple of weeks but I've been struggling with a little bit of a health issue.  I've had a pinched nerve in my shoulder and let me just say...growing old is not for the faint of heart!  Such a burning, stinging pain and not much relief in sight so I was pretty much down for the count.  It was even hard to dress myself and it goes without saying...NO CRAFTING!!!  I am better and can at least type a little bit at a time before it begins to hurt again so this will be short and sweet.  There is lots of ice and awful TV, and cuddles with Bella.

It's sort of hard to tell but the inside of this box card is the same color as the markings on the angel.  I love this die and have made several cards already using this one!  There is sparkle on my snowflakes in the corners but it doesn't want to show up either.  Some mornings my camera and light tent don't like to play together.

That's all from me this morning.  I'm so happy to be back but boy am I behind on my projects.  Bear with me as I play catch up and please don't move on as I'm still here!



Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Oh Glenda, this is gorgeous. Love Angel themes and the color you have used. What a great die for the holidays. Always fun to have a few angels among us.
Hugs on feeling better, we're no spring chickens anymore. Have a great week ahead.

Nan G said...

She's gorgeous! And I see the sparkle on the snowflakes. Wouldn't dream of not visiting you, as I sometimes visit but cannot leave comments. Take care. Hugs

Sylvia said...

Beautiful die, Glenda, beautiful card! Hope you are feeling better today and will continue to do so, so you will be bringing us more beautiful cards! Happy Monday!

Olga Jewell said...

Oh Glenda, that is just gorgeous!!!!!

Jan from Long Island said...

What a beautiful card you made with that gorgeous die Glenda! Hope you are feeling better real soon...I've missed your posts.

Leslie Miller said...

Oh, I know what that pinched nerve in the shoulder feels like! Had some episodes with that years ago. Hard to describe the pain, but it's not fun. So glad you're feeling better and were able to finish and share this utterly gorgeous card! That angel die is incredible! Big WOW from me, Glenda!

Marisa Job said...

Such a beautiful card! Love the Angel die too! I hope you feel better really soon. Hugs and blessings!!

Patricia said...

Oh! Glenda, I so feel for you.
Nothing worse than pain, sending you some gentle (((hugs)))
I just LOVE your beautiful card, that Angel, is stunning.
Have a good day.
Patricia xxx

Darlene said...

Oh my friend I'm so sorry you are having to deal with this painful health issue! Hopefully it will GO AWAY soon and you can get back to what you enjoy. (thank goodness the outside work is done for the year)
Your card is GORGEOUS ... no surprise there! I ALWAYS find inspiration when I come to visit you! Thanks! Hope you have a good day! Praying it's a less painful one!

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