Wednesday, July 23, 2014

WOYWW # 268

Good Wednesday morning everyone and welcome to WOYWW!  If you like more details about this little adventure, just head over to Julia's blog and she has all the information listed on her blog.  Each Wednesday we get together, take a photo of our desk and blog about it...then link it up on Julia's blog and then we can visit each other.  It's so interesting to see what everyone else has going on in their life and I'm quite addicted!

I'm really quite ashamed by this mess!  Every level surface in my space looks like this....maybe worse!  My grandson is away on a summer vacation trip with his grandfather and they are on a mission trip to Alaska.  He is sending me photos of their trip via Facebook and I'm getting ready to work on an album.  Now I haven't done but a couple of these so this in itself will be an adventure.  I'm just gathering ideas for the covers at this point.  Also I did a bit of shopping yesterday and I just brought it all into my craft room and plopped it down.

The beautiful brown ribbon is a gift from a sweet friend, Kathy, who lives in NC.  Waving a huge hello to Kathy!

Well people, this does it for me this morning!  We are supposed to keep it short and sweet so I'm off to visit as many of you as I can.


Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Ah great to have new stash to play with Magpie... love the card below too great work! Thanks for popping over! Shaz in Oz.x#8

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

Hello, My Sweet Friend! Can't wait to see what you are up to! I know it will be beautiful, as your talented fingers always work their special magic! xoxo

Christine said...

Thank you for your visit earlier ... the bear was a freebie from a magazine and perfect for ATCs.
A life full of adventures! The best sort - my DH says every day is an adventure since we retired ... he! he!
I like 'safe' adventures -making an album, trying out new techniques, using new stash to see what happens! ... and secondhand holidays eg visiting Alaska. I think you are very blessed my friend.
Bishopsmate #50

Diana Taylor said...

I love the feeling of anticipation and enthusiasm at starting a new project and it's even better when new stash arrives to get you started! I love the butterfly die, but then I have a thing about butterflies and moths! Thanks so much for stopping by my desk, I hope you have a good week,
Diana #42

Olga said...

Can't wait to see the album, I know it will be goroegus like allyour work!!!! YOu are a super woman, gardening, canning, shopping and creating gorgeous stuff for all to see!!!!

My name is Cindy said...

Glad it's not just me! Had to tidy up today before I could start. Goodluck with your albums, I like the idea but rarely get round to doing them That brown ribbon caught my eye straight away! Happy Wednesday and thanks for your earlier visit, Cindy #38

Sylvia said...

I agree with all those above...don't know how you have time for all the things you do! Love the messy desk, I feel right at home here. Now you just need a blotter sheet with no place else to stamp ink! Have a fun and busy Wednesday or not....hoping it is a good one even if you put your feet up and rest.

Patricia said...

Oooo!! Lots of goodies to work with on your desk.
Looking forward to seeing the album.
Sorry about encouraging you to spend. ......... I totally blew my budget for this month but it is all in the aid of crafting fun. Well that's what I tell myself anyway
Happy crafting

Patricia x

sandra de said...

Now that looks like a very nice emobssing/cutting stencil and a lovely assortment of marker pens. never a mess just creative genius in action.
Sandra de @1

Regina M. Hamilton said...

That's a nice stash of crafting goodies. I know your album with be beautiful. #7

DottyA Cards & Things said...

Oh My, an Album..... that was my start with my crafting and now I seldom make albums anymore....
I think it's becasue they take so long to finish and card and thing are usually much quicker...
Can't wait to see Your Album, I know it will be Lovely!!!!

Winnie said...

Wow, that looks like some fun shopping! Use your goodies well! That ribbon from your friend is lovely. Look forward to seeing the albulm when you do it. Sounds like a fascinating place too! Thanks for the visit today! Winnie #45

Shoshi said...

Lovely busy and colourful desk, and a nice sense of anticipation as you begin to create new things. Thanks for your visit and your lovely comment. After a fortnight away from my ARTHaven it's lovely to be back, getting gel medium and paint all over my hands again!

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #34

Mrs.D said...

Afternoon Glenda, bit behind today. Thanks for visiting me earlier, Yes you are right it is a bit warm to be thinking Christmas cards, haven't done anymore today.
I love your desk and all those goodies. The butterfly dies look beautiful, can't wait to see them in action, and that gorgeous brown ribbon, just wonderful
Have fun creating with them.
Chris #33

fairy thoughts said...

hi glenda you need to get stuff out to play dont you nobody was ever creatiive and tidy
have agood week making the album
janet #13

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Glenda,

Oh, no shame here! You are very productive and need everything at hand.

I've been on an Alaskan cruise and would love to go back and see more of the state. What a wonderful opportunity for your grandson.

Kay (65)

Sue said...

Loads of lovely crafting stash to spy on your desk:)

Hope you have a nice WOYWW.

Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. Sue 28

dottielottie said...

What a lovely adventure for you all, your husband and grandson experiencing it first hand and you being able to collect all their memories to make into an album. I would think it's a little daunting until you have the first page done.You have some lovely craft goodies to help you on your way.
Lottie #75

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Isn't technology wonderful? I still find it amazing that you can see instantly what your friends and family are up to by doing it through Facebook or whatever. I bet your Alaska album will be beautiful when you've weaver your magic on it!
Hugs, LLJ 12 xx

Neet said...

I just know your album(s) will be gorgeous - please show and tell when the time comes.
How wonderful to have been on Heartfelt DT - I think I can vaguely remember seeing some work on your blog for them. Just had to love Emma Lou and Richard. She worked so hard teaching us all day but was as fresh as a daisy next day. Marvellous!
Hugs & Thanks for visiting me earlier Neet 14 xx

Bernice said...

Thanks for calling in earlier and I'm really glad to see another 'busy' desk! Have fun with your new stash.

glitterandglue said...

Ooooo, Glenda, new things to play with. The butterfly die is gorgeous.
Hope you manage to have lots of ideas for the album of the Alaska Mission Trip.
Thanks for your kind comments when you visited.
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #10

Angela Radford said...

Never be ashamed of an untidy desk.
It's the very tidy ones I worry about, it's not normal LOL!
Happy crafting, Angela x #44

tocovya said...

I enjoy making flowers, but I am still a novice at it. Love the bird card x

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