Friday, October 22, 2010


Yep, we definitely have one.....our doorbell rings before daylight this morning and it is our neighbor telling us Bret is out!  My husband goes outside and he is just sitting by the gate waiting to be let back inside because it is close to feeding time!  I go out to help find escape route and we have no open gates and I'm standing there scratching my head.  Now for the last couple of days, Bret and Gracie have been hanging around the wood pile at the back of our lot.....I'm thinking a critter got into our yard and he was after it and it went up the wood pile and over and so did Bret!   Every day it is something different with that mutt!  He is afraid of storms so all summer long he tore at the deck trying to get inside.  We have all kinds of contraptions situated to keep him at bay.  He has torn all the lattice from under the deck and some phone lines, etc.....etc....   He is definitely wired for sound!  To look at him, you think, Oh he is so sweet and he just loves you to pieces, but once he gets distracted, there is no turning back for him.  So today and tonight he is in the dog house.....Gracie wouldn't go inside because she is still a little skittish and only wants to sleep inside after everyone has gone inside for the night.  I'll try again tonight to add Gracie to the pen. 


knitwit said...

Oh boy--what a little monkey! Mine are the same way. If there's any possible way for them to get out of the yard, they'll find it! Years ago we were living in a military house on the east coast with really low windows. One afternoon, my border collie started barking like a maniac at the window. I looked out to see the little boy across the street giving a visiting dog a tummy rub. It was only as I was walking back to the kitchen that I realized my OTHER dog was missing. I looked out again, realizing exactly what had happened. She'd pushed her way out the window screen and gone across the street for some love! The windows stayed closed after that!

cristinoel said...

We had a Doberman that would lift a heavy one-piece redwood gate that spanned the driveway and got out daily. We finally gave him to someone for guard dog duty.

Sylvia said...

Hi Glenda, Remember I have cats, the best escape artists in the world. I have to take them out and watch them or they would be gone for sure, but I do understand your dogs. there is a lot to see out there. As for the pleats. I have decided when pleating ribbon, I will sew first then deal with the stitching, and that is what I did. Everytime I pleat using anything, the ribbon is up by at least the next day! Have a great day!

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