Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mowing Day....

Today is the day...The mowing season has begun here in East Tennessee. I love to mow and my husband has purchased me a brand new mower and today is the first time I get to use it! I visit a blog of a woman who lives in Conifer, Colorado. "Moved to the Mountains" ( Anyway, Toni says they were expecting 1-2 feet of snow there by yesterday. Whew! I'm glad I live here and Spring is coming

Also I have been painting on our picket fence, Whew what a job. Remember Tom Sawyer? Well there were no takers here so I had to do it myself. We have a small yard, but many, many pickets so it is going to take awhile.....My step daughter started painting the fence last year, but had a bad shoulder and didn't get to finish. She accomplished quite a lot and since I have lots of time I will try and finish this year. Also got some sun on my face, arms and legs. Yes it was National White Leg Day here. Soooooo....I will not be posting as much since the weather is nice and I long to be outdoors! I have several projects and let's face it ladies, I just don't move quite as fast as I used to! And sometimes, if I move quickly, then the next day I don't get to move at all. So everything in moderation!

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