Sunday, December 13, 2009


This morning i got up with the idea that I would finish making envelopes for Christmas Cards.....Well I did that and got the one's ready to mail and made breakfast, then this afternoon I finished wrapping the presents. Only 4 more to go and I will get those this week. I'm on a roll....then I made Russian Tea Mix for gifts and jarred that....Now I'm just tired. But very satisfied! Now all I have to do is make candy and bake cookies. Yea! I can sit and enjoy the tree and do the things I want and participate in Christmas again. I have missed that the last few years as I was always in a mad dash to beat the time clock! Now if I can just get my shoulder to cooperate for a little while. I can't stir fudge while it is aching but I'm going to go to Chiropractor tomorrow and It will be better and I will really try and take care of myself this time.

No pictures today...I have to have some secrets for family and friends for the Holidays.

More later....

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