Monday, September 28, 2009


Good morning!!! It is 4am and I have been up since 2:30....Maggie's allergies are raging. Poor Baby....I treat her and she goes back to sleep, but I AM UP! Talk about sleep deprived. It is getting really hard to function on such a small amount of sleep. Thank goodness I only work 4 hours today. I'm thinking a trip to Hobby Lobby is in order since my Dear Husband gave me a gift certificate for our Wedding Anniversary. Yep....9 years. We went to dinner to celebrate. I really enjoyed getting out for a little. We have almost stopped getting out because everything is so expensive. I guess we really are getting older because I would rather cook here and do the clean-up than go out. This way we control what we eat, and when we eat, and how it is prepared. If one of us is sick then we already know it and there are no suprises. We noticed a couple of years ago that each time we went out, the next day one of us was sick. Rather than be at the mercy of some sick waiter or waitress, or even sick cook, we just decided not to go there. It works pretty good and with the economy the way it is we can almost buy a week's worth of groceries for what we spend in one outing. My husband is an excellent cook and does most things better than the places we would go out to eat. I think I will hold onto him.

Well I must drag myself to the shower soon, but I just have time for one more cup of coffee. More later.

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